Rose Gardens

Rose Gardens

“I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine there is going to be a little rain sometimes” (Lynn Anderson, 1970)

I read that book “ I never promised you a rose garden” a million years ago and I walk with its lessons each and every day of my life. Even with a deep understanding or ourselves, our world and our place in the world, some days will just be crappy and we just have to ride through them.
It was not a lesson that I learned in any of the schools that I attended. Throughout the convent years we were taught that if we did x we would get y and I assumed that once I got a good job and moved in certain circles that I would more or less be insulated from life’s thorns. This is so not true.

The truth is that life is a bed of roses. Life is beautiful, both in the joyous and fearful moments. Life is short –loved ones pass away before I am ready to say goodbye, relationships end and friends move on. Life can be thorny – issues, people, disappointments, failures. Life is pretty with all the successes, happiness, friends and family . Life is mine – to do as I wish and what I want; which for me is the most important thing of all. I do what I want respecting the boundaries of others and I make my own decisions. Win lose stumble or fall this is my life. Agree, disagree, do what you want, that will never change.
The beautiful bed of roses is laden with thorns which makes me appreciate its beauty even more.

2 thoughts on “Rose Gardens

  1. Insightful post Maxine…I read it coming home on the ferry today…the title captured my attention…one of the secrets to effective blogging! I can so relate to your words at this point in my life…you read my mind…funny I speak about this a lot in my new book and my workshop. So true…they don’t teach you that at schools 🙂 I am still coming to term with the concepts but of course learning new lessons every day…this is life! xo

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