Thanks Brian and Lorijo – Day 2, Blog 2

After posting yesterday’s blog- 50 Blogs, in 50 Days – I got some help from Brian McDermott – Chief Storyteller Growth Works Inc and Lorijo Metz – author of the fantastic book “Wheels” and several other titles. Brian is one of my Linked In connections and Lorijo is part of my writing network. This translates to me getting some great advice from them for which I am grateful.
Brian’s advice “A resource for you to check out: The author scans for interesting news items and stories and sends an email with links almost every day. I usually see things I would not otherwise encounter. Might provide some ideas for you. You could write one of your 50 about this publication as a useful resource.”
Lorijo’s note “Check National Public Radio at:”

I am going to check out these resources and of course I will give some feedback on the level of happy news that resides with the gore.
I invite you to try them out as well and join the discussion.


4 thoughts on “Thanks Brian and Lorijo – Day 2, Blog 2

  1. So cool that you are pushing your scope of creativity and that help shows up! Thank you for taking on the challenge and being a good example. Am looking forward to being part of your 50 day journey.


    1. Connie, one of the gifts that you gave me was the power of asking for what I want. Thanks for taking the journey with me. It’s exciting!


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