Choices and Decisions – Blog 5, Day 5

Today I am thinking that 50 blogs, in 50 days is a huge task, which makes me think about every journey that I have taken. At the beginning it always seems arduous and in the end, looking back, it’s like “that was not so bad”. These journeys show up as some goal that I set myself – write a book, pursue some qualification, lose the Christmas pounds. An idea pops into my head and I say, “That sounds great!” and I am off the blocks going to get it done. Somewhere down the line after I have stepped off, I feel a little unsure. “Can I really do this? Do I need to do this?  What am I trying to prove?”

The answer is always the same. I am doing this because I want to do it.  I am doing this because I choose to do it and I am doing this because I decided to it. Choice and Decisions are the things that get me through most of the these journeys and are very important to me. I live my life by making decisions and choosing to do what I want to do. They take me through the moments of doubt. When I become unsure, I remind myself that this was my decision and my choice.

Today I reaffirm the choice to write 50 blogs in 50 days. It is a decision that scares me in many ways, yet I am going to push through the fear of that and keep on blogging.

What keeps you going when you step off the block?


7 thoughts on “Choices and Decisions – Blog 5, Day 5

    1. Erik, I smiled when I saw your comment. Thanks for the inspiration, you just gave me some content for another blog on another day. I am going to title that blog “Easy Right?”


  1. I keep reminding myself of the reason I decided in the first place. The Why Behind the What. . . what is your why behind your what you are doing? One day at a time. Knowing that your creativity will kick in every night about the blog for the next day. Tell us about the time you facilitated the group who took on the Artist Way. You can do it one day at a time. Also daily celebrating to springboard you into the next.


  2. This reminds me of advice I gave to my children. When they first began playing piano, I told them to practice 30 minutes every day and a year from now they’d be surprised how much accomplished. It’s the same with learning or accomplishing just about anything. Small, daily steps are what you need to succeed. Thanks for the post, Maxine. Keep blogging.


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