Hail To The Chief – Day 11, Blog 11

Today is a day of reconciliation for me, a day to stick a pin in the ground and assess where I am in life and in my career.  I am visiting Washington DC, and I am questioning. 

DC is a walking city, and I love to walk, to explore and examine what is around me.  Walking empties my mind and creates a vacuum for the sights and sounds to rush in.  As I embrace it all – people, architecture, monuments, traffic and the sounds – my mind juxtaposes these with my life, asking me poignant questions that make me restless. 

On the first morning, my sister and I power walked from our hotel in no particular direction.  We walked through a beautiful park and there stood the White House.  The White House is not as big as portrayed in the movies. It is quite small. That made me think about how much I did not know, how the media tells me what to think and creates unrealistic dimensions in my life. Even though, I rarely take in the evening news or read the opinion columns I am still affected by the giant machine and constantly need to revisit and redefine my belief systems.  The search for my truth needs to be constant and vigilant.

While in the city, I have spent my mornings working at the hotel, since I have some work obligations and in the evenings my sister – who is attending a Conference – and I go exploring.  This reinforces that work and play must be kept in balance since both are important and keep me functioning.

Yesterday evening, we visited the dedications to Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. This was evocative. As I faced the memories of these brave souls who put their voices into the world and debated their truths from unpopular positions while acting on what they believed, I felt my fears shrink. I was reminded that I too have a stake in the world which I need to claim and then protect.  Blogging is just one of the ways that I do that.

We ended at the memorial for the Korean War Veterans; in a peaceful garden that commemorated the two million and more souls who were damaged, missing or dead after that war.  I need to reconcile the war within, to harness my energies in a positive way and to keep the people around me who support and nourish that harmony.

The food scene in DC is happening and the restaurants on both sides of 14th Street are waiting to give testimony.  Oh the power of choice.  ThaiTanic is an adventure in Thai food while Estadio gives tapas the gourmet treatment.  Eating amazing food, left me grateful for the privilege of being able to afford a fancy meal that blew my tastebuds.  

While in DC I visited with a former colleague whom I reconnected with on Faithful Facebook. He disclosed how he experienced me when we were younger and now I am picking up those threads and knitting them into the pattern of my life.  I am still processing my thoughts about rekindled relationships and old impressions, so I can’t write about that yet.

I am not done with this beautiful walking city, just as I know that it still has messages for me.  There is a bus tour, Cirque De Soleil and all of the Smithsonian to visit. 

DC – Divinely Charismatic, DC – Definitely Captivating, DC – Do Come.

Have you ever been to DC? What messages did the city have for you?   What do the initials mean to you?


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