I Blog For Fun – Day 14, Blog 14

Today is day 14 of my blog journey and I am amazed that I got this far.  I have blogged everyday for 14 days and I am pleased with myself.

Laura Orsini, publicist, suggested that I blog for 50 days to drum up publicity for my new book –  Lead Your Team to Win: Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees. Laura gave me great advice – tell my growing audience about the book, look for news stories and show how the book can solve or correlates to a popular issue.  In true Maxine style, I took what made sense to me from her paid advice.  While I have latched on to the idea of blogging and mention Lead Your Team To Win in blogs, I don’t include any content or context about the book.

Not good. 

I blog on mornings before I haul myself to work.  I write whatever comes to mind and it is usually not about the contents of my book.  Instead I write about me, as I figure out some piece of my life story, process some experience, or analyze an emotional response to an event.  It’s just the way that I roll and write.

My life is pretty structured, there are activities that I do every day to keep the wheels turning on the road of life; outside of that I live  spontaneously.  This blog is part of the free fall, the adventure.  Not knowing what I will write about until my fingers hit the keyboard excites me, since I am always curious to see what will pop out of my head at any point in time.  The unstructured, unplanned approach to the blog intrigues me and gives me impetus to continue.

I know that if I outlined 50 topics, then scanned the news each morning to validate my preconceived thoughts that I would have gotten quite bored and stopped blogging a while ago.  That for me is work.  I work 40 hours plus each week so I need no more work in my private life. I want to have fun.  So I took Laura’s advice and added my flavour to it.  I will blog for the rest of the days without structure, letting the words take me where they will, and surprising me with reflections and thoughts.

Now I can look forward to blogging to see what resides in the back of my mind and what is really in my heart.  

What do you do for fun?  Where in your life do you free fall?

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