Peace in Closure – Day 18, Blog 18

I spent yesterday in perfect peace.  The  anxiety that I was feeling had nothing to do with my desire; it was about the unresolved business that I was carrying with me.

What a contrast yesterday was from the days before.  Now I am released to just look forward to new things and what is happening.

My desire is now normal sized, it no longer hangs over my head and it is no longer central to my thoughts.  I still want what I want, but if I don’t get it I am truly OK with that.

I am already making a new plan.  I have the outlines in my head, and I am filling in the blanks as the day goes on.  If I don’t get what I want then completing the plan becomes an accelerated process.  For now I am taking it easy, enjoying the simmering of thoughts and watching as like thoughts find each other to form bigger thoughts.  

I feel good today, relaxed, satisfied.  Life continues chugging along at its own pace, with little interference from me. I am free.

I am now focussing on my interview later today with Dr Angela Laurie at 3.00 p.m. Eastern.  We will be chatting about the process of writing Change Or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual and Lead Your Team To Win.  Follow the link and join us today at 3.00 p.m Eastern.


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