Rhythm of Achievement – Day 21. Blog 21

I am home and I feel it. I am anxious to see what will change because of all my decisions and how it plays out.  I am fearful and pumped to get it started.

This blog has immediately changed. I will no longer have the luxury of blogging during the morning period, since it is a mad scramble for me to get to work on mornings. As a result, I will blog on evenings after the work day is done. Different themes may be present as my interactions from the workday may be what I focus on at the end of the day.

Interesting that I am almost halfway through this challenge and life tosses up the reality that I need to make a change to keep my commitment alive.  Can I get a break?  I mean this is just a blog, it is not a major life goal.  Is it possible for once to plan something, do it and everything goes smoothly and accordingly?  

Every-time I make a plan there is a test.  “Do you really want this?”  “Let’s see how badly you want this.” I am thrown a curveball to swerve me away from the intention.  This is a constant, plan to do something and a distraction pops up glittering with gold as an opportunity or a pit of disappointment. 

I am an old hand at this. I know the rhythm of achievement: choose, decide, plan, act, curveball, tweak, shift, reset, curveball, decide, plan,act.   

This is my mantra when I see the hoops of distraction appear.  I summon the fortitude to jump through them, wriggle below then, leap over them or go around them.  Sometimes I am not low enough and I bounce my head, my jump falls short or I need a push when I get stuck in the hoop and other times there seems no way around it.

This is a test of my commitment.  How much do I want it?  It is an opportunity to check in, “Do I really want it?  

The rhythm – chose, decide, act etc – gives me momentum and becomes  the drumroll to my actions.  The challenges sweeten my achievements and add dimensions to my war-tales. They are now fodder for interviews, laughter to share with friends and material for blogging.  

Without these my story will have no flair. 

So now I step back and ask myself “What is the purpose of the blog?”  “How will changing the time that I write affect what I write?” 

Adjustments, changes, that is what my life is about.  Regardless of how small or how big, there will always be a change to make based on a decision that I made.  I have signed up for this. I am OK with this.  

What changes have you made to your routine?  How do you make room for your personal desires?


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