My Routine Life – Day 24, Blog 24

I live my life in routine.  Little circles of activities or events that are preset and tell me where I am.  They anchor me, so that even when I drift it is easy to reset and rechart the course.

It’s the way that I roll, achieve and get things done.

Sometimes the routine is a way to stave off chaos and maintain balance.  Each week I put gas in the car, go to the grocery, do house hold chores and once a year I attend the medical check up.

When I am writing, I determine when I am going to write and set that into my routine.  I juggle other events to make room for the new element. It does not happen naturally; I deliberately set it up that way. 

New patterns are like new shoes, we have to walk in them until we can get comfortable in them.  It is only when the pattern is worn that we can relax into them.

It is interesting how other people respond to my patterns. People meet me where I am in my routine and decide who I am because of what I do.  When I break the routine, they become confused because their assumptions about me become invalid.  I have heard “ You have changed,” “You never used to…”, “ I never knew that about you”

People accuse me of changing the rules of the game, but the game is not who I am.

I have empathy for people who meet me and assume that what I do is who I am. I get their confusion when I step out of their pre-labelled box. I understand that it is no longer easy for them to predict what I will do, as they adjust to my new routine. I am also impatient with people like this because they focussed on my routine and not on who I am.  They have not listened to me nor have they taken the time to know me.  

I am a routine shifter, I take on patterns that help me achieve what I want. My routine takes the shape of what is important to me at any point in time.  What was center stage in 2013, is in the wings in 2014.  The routine that I build to get me to where I want to be is not who I am.  

What confuses people about you?  What do you do that people think they know you?


2 thoughts on “My Routine Life – Day 24, Blog 24

    1. Thanks Leslie. I need to write a blog on what happens when we our routines no longer serve where we are. I think if we can look ay ourselves as distinct from what we do we will understand who we are. That is a whole other topic. More food for blog.

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