You Can’t – Day 25, Blog 25

This evening I decided to go for a run, to expend the nervous energy I was carrying as I waited for a call that never came.  I wanted to release the anxiety and make room for some new feelings, as I distracted myself from thinking about the call.

I am not a natural runner.  I was a very uncoordinated kid, but that never stopped me and my two left feet from joining running games.  We loved it, even with the occasional tumbles. 

When I run I feel happy and free.  I marvel that I grew a right foot and that the left is in harmony with it.  I admire the way that they work together moving me along a path. Running seems simple but it took me a while to get the hang of it.  From me it represents another can’t that  I have conquered.

Some of the adults in my childhood were extremely good pattern-makers.  They took some event, called it evidence, added dollops of cynicism and came to undoubtable conclusions.  From my love of reading and writing, along with my two left feet, they concluded that I could not run or dance.

There was no point arguing; the adults have spoken.  As a result I  became an observer. I watched everything and everyone and I kept on reading and writing.  

I paid special attention to the people who were doing the things that I can’t do and I noticed that except for very few none of these people were exceptional at what they did.  Yet they were doing it.  These doers gave me confidence and proved that there is no need for perfection.  I could do what I can’t just because I want to.  

People often discourage us from a place of excellence because they don’t want us to get hurt or think that we are something that we are not.  What they don’t understand is that there is a space for every skill level.  I never said that I wanted to be Misty Copeland or Usain Bolt.  I just want to dance and run, as I can when I can.  

Today as I ran, other runners passed me and I passed others.  I looked at each runner in passing and I saw that each person was doing their thing. As I was doing mine.

What are you not doing because you are not great at it?

2 thoughts on “You Can’t – Day 25, Blog 25

  1. Wow, another insightful post. I loved it and shared it with my children. As for me, I feel this way about writing. I may never reach the heights of Shakespear, Hemingway, or even JK Rowling, but I can still write. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the post Lorijo. I wish I could write like Rushdie, but he seems to be one of a kind. So I will write like Maxine- the only way that I know how. Happy that this resonated with you.

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