Friday Night Limes – Day 26, Blog 26

I am from Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island republic in the Caribbean, where we have a strong tradition of the Friday Night lime.  A lime can be a noun – as in we are going to a lime, or it can be a verb – we are going to lime.  Whether it is a noun or a verb we know what to expect – some drinks, perhaps some cutters (finger food) and lots of talk.  Music is not a necessity, but when the music is good and the mood is right, a lime can convert to a party.

A lime can happen anywhere – at home, your favorite bar or at the office.  It is the great equaliser, as the office boy and the CEO can be part of the same lime.

We Trinis say “That was a nice lime.”  This means that everyone had a good time and that we were either part of a group or that many smaller limes were sharing the same space at the same time. 

Limes can be fluid.  You can start liming with one group of people and end the night with another group.  A lime can also migrate – start at one place, then move to another – growing or declining as it moves.

A lime has no timeframe of limit.  It can start as an after work lime and end at 5.00 a.m. in the morning.  

There are boys’ limes and girls’ limes, when partners stay at home and give the other half some breathing room to hook up with their friends and safely flirt.  Most times its mixed comprised of both males and females.

A lime can get pretty rowdy, after all is not juice we drinking. The performance of the West Indies cricket team, World Cup Football or any topical event heats up the debate.  Never be surprised at the eloquence of the debaters or the statistics and historical facts that they can spout. 

You can also hear some incredibly good stories of risks taken, accidents that were survived, courageous acts or random dumb things that people did or said when sober or under the influence.

There is no requirement to join a lime, just hold a glass in your hand and sip a drink.  Forget about your title, your troubles, the money that you do or do not have, just show up and have a good time. 

This evening I went to a lime at a little bar up the road from where I work. It was a farewell lime , since a co worker resigned to take up another appointment. There were a dozen of us around the table and others floated in and around us.  We talked and laughed as we exchanged stories and teased each other.  I spent three hours liming with these people who I barely knew ( I met most of them today) and had a great time.  When they announced that they were moving to another watering hole I bid them farewell.

What do you do on a Friday night?


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