The day after – Day 29, Blog 29

This morning I woke up to my old self and I immediately knew the answer to my down state.  It was about unresolved issues around a relationship.

It is not easy to end a relationship. The breaking point is reached, things fall apart and the debris lies on the floor.  Often times I can step over it, but Saturday I had to face it and deal with it.  The result, a spiral downhill on Sunday.

It’s part of the healing process.  First the upheaval, then the false sense of settling in, then the dreaded reality check, followed by more upheaval until the peace of reconciliation.

Whatever issues that I have with what happened or did not happen I have to resolve with me.  I am all that is left, what I seek lies not with the other person but with me. There is no point in should have or if only.  I made a choice and the feelings are the consequences of the choice.  

Today I remind myself of the beauty of choice.  

What do you do when a relationship ends? 


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