I am fire. Day 30, Blog 30

I love fires.  I am neither an arsonist, nor a pyromaniac; I just love fire.  Last night I started a fire in my kitchen sink, as I collected all the bits of paper that no longer served me.  I watched the paper curl in the heat even as it set other pieces of paper alight.  I watched the yellow flames race through the paper, growing yellower as they fed on even more paper.  I stood near the sink and felt the heat from the fire and I felt good to be in its glow.  I kept watch ensuring that the fire did not jump out of the sink to consume other than what I fed it.

I watched the fire as it died, as the paper turned to embers then ash.  I rushed around turning on fans, throwing open doors to let the smoke escape as it stung my eyes.  I smelled the burning paper and I smiled, satisfied.

This morning I woke up early and felt energized.  The fire moved from the sink to my belly, I was burning with desire to get things done.  I felt the fire in my heart burning with passion for the things that I want.  I felt the fire in my blood, giving me the impetus to move on.  I felt the fire in my soul telling me that I was on to something good.

New energy, new thoughts. All of the old is gone making room for the new.

I have to watch this energy, feed it properly so that it does not burn out.  I have to protect this energy and keep it bright by watching what and who comes around it.  I have to channel this energy to serve me and my purpose while on earth.  

I am focussing my thoughts on the positive, keeping them aligned to my vision. I am thinking new thoughts to create the world that I want to live in.

Fire cleanses, fire heals.  Fire for me symbolises newness, creativity and a fresh start.  

Today I breathe fire, today I harness fire, today I am fire.

What symbolises you? 


4 thoughts on “I am fire. Day 30, Blog 30

    1. Dear Maxine, It is wonderful to read your posts. The experience you are having is amazing, you are totally in sync with your subtle energies. If you know about the chakras ( wheels of energy) in our energy body, fire is in the solar plexus and it does indicate our passion, that is why we say “Fire in our belly”. Water indicates our emotions. May the fire manifest into your heartfelt dreams.


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      1. Dear Jalaja, Thanks for this alternate point of view. I know very little about chakras. This inspires me to learn more.


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