Lead Your Team To Win on NetGalley – Blog 32, Day 32

The NetGalley listing for Lead Your Team To Win is now live at: https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/show/id/52619.
So far the book has had: 47 impressions (number of people viewing the listing), 12 clicks to read (number of people clicking to read more), and 12 downloads (number of people who downloaded a copy).
“NetGalley is a website initially launched in 2008 aimed towards the distribution of digital galley proofs of books, some of which have not yet been released. NetGalley was developed as an alternative to the production of paper galleys and has since evolved into a key marketing and publicity platform for publishers and authors.[2] Publishers that offer e-galleys include Harlequin Enterprises, Penguin Books, Hachette, Random House, Simon & Schuster and many others in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. The site offers electronic galleys to “professional readers” such as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers, and bloggers.” – Wikipedia
If you fall inot opne of the categories then, check out the book and of course send me a note about it.


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