My Heart Book. Day 35, Blog 35

I often refer to Lead Your Team to Win – Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees – as my heart book.  Everyone asks “What is a Heart Book?” and I usually change the subject since I can’t always put into words what I mean. Tonight I thought it wise to explain what I mean be heart book, since the book is now publicly accessible (NetGalley).

Lead Your Team To Win shares my thoughts on leadership and the dynamics between leaders and the team members.  It shares my past disappointments and frustrations with being both a team leader and member and celebrates my current success with leading teams.

When I contrast the contents to my first book – Change or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual – I know that Lead Your Team To Win is my heart book.

Change or Die documents a methodology that I developed for improving processes and tells the reader what to do, how to do it and why it is being done.  While it includes my live client experiences in the field I am not present in the book.  I share only what I have done and offer this up for others to follow.

With Lead Your Team to Win, I am exposed on every page.  My thoughts, my vision, my ambition are all there.  The reader will get a good idea of my personality and the way that I think. I state my opinions and put them out for judgement knowing that people will either adamantly agree or vociferously disagree.  

As I wrote the book, I felt myself opening up, the more that I stated my truth the more that my truth emerged.  The more that I wrote my truth the less I cared about what people would say about it.  The more I wrote the less I felt afraid, anxious or nervous.  The words kept coming and without thinking I documented my truest feelings and thoughts about leadership and teams.  

I call Lead Your Team To Win my heart book because if the things that I wrote passed through my head they would not have been written.  I call it my heart book because people who know me well, say that they can hear my voice in the book. It is my heart book because every word that I have written I truly believe.

What are your thoughts on Leadership and team?


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