100 Words. Day 36, Blog 36

I was talking to a colleague today, about being a panelist on the October 3rd webinar to launch the book – Lead Your Team To Win.   There are five panelists (including me) and each is required to send a head shot and a bio of 100 words or less, for marketing purposes.

My colleague shared that writing the bio was a little strange and I replied  “Go ahead.  Give yourself permission to boast.”  I completely understand this position because I have been there before.  It feels counter intuitive to say a lot about yourself in a few short sentences and it really does feel like pointless bragging.

We have been taught as kids – “Don’t boast”, “No need to show off” and to “Consider other people’s feelings”. These statements kept our egos in check but also taught us not to soar, not to claim our achievements and not to celebrate them. We took our achievements for granted, thinking that everyone around us could achieve the same if they tried, if they were born in different circumstances, if… 

That is absolutely not true. Each one of us is unique, each of us does things that others do not do, or cannot do, or are not interested in doing. Why are we so generous to assume that others can achieve as we do? Why are we so eager to deny our uniqueness?

When I look at my friends I see that while we all have achievements, each of us has done something unique. My friends who will all graduate from PHD programs next year are each preparing complex dissertations in different fields.  There achievements while similar will be unique.  My friends who are coaches, have completely different styles from me and will focus on different aspects of what a client brings to a session.  I can go on and on with examples.  

Suffice it to say that we each stand in our power and do what we do, bringing our unique style and no one can do it like we do.  We all need to stand and proudly say,“ This is me, this is what I do”.  If others think that we are bragging, they need to deal with that thinking because we are speaking our truth.

When we state our achievements we are not comparing ourselves to others, we are not looking for attention, and we are not boasting.  We are just honestly accounting for what we have done with our innate talents and how we have made use of our birthrights.

What does your 100 words bio look like?

2 thoughts on “100 Words. Day 36, Blog 36

  1. If you don’t toot your horn, there will be no music. In our culture, it’s not the hardest working, the best prepared or the most intelligent people who get the reward. The rewards go to the people who are most willing to self-promote, according to George Dudley and Shannon Goodson, behavioral scientists from Dallas, Texas.

  2. So true Connie. And I will add that fortune favours the brave. So let’s all purchase trumpets and start to blow our own horns (truthfully of course).

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