I Dropped the Ball. Blog 37, Day 38

Last night I dropped the ball and fell asleep.   I have been working out some issues and just like that yesterday everything fell in place.  The result, pure exhaustion, followed by the need to recover.  So I did just that.  It was not planned.  I had every intention of getting up later in the night and following through with my commitment, but my body refused to comply.

Today I am in recovery.  The body got what it wanted so now I have to do all the things that I would have done yesterday and the things that I have to do today.  Today I am not blaming or shaming myself, I accept that I dropped the ball and I pick it up and make some extra moves to recover.

This is just one of the things that I need to do today.  Two blogs today will get me back on track, double effort for the slip up and tomorrow it will be back to normal.  No excuses, no reasons, it is what is it and I accept that.  Now I recover.

What do you do when you drop the ball?


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