Packing Up. Day 43, Blog 43

I am getting ready to leave my home for a trip that entails some learning and some fun.  I hate packing.  I have to plan outfits, count pieces of underwear, anticipate spontaneity and how I will dress for it and keep everything below 50 pounds.  It’s a lot of work.  

I have a lot of anxiety around packing.  Did I pack enough?  I have often under-packed and had to either do a laundry in my room or carefully select the pieces that I want be overcharged for by the hotel laundry.

When packing, I always think that I am overpacked until I reach my destination and say Dang I should have brought that.

What annoys me most about packing is that I have to predict what I would want to wear.  This is so not the way that I dress on a daily basis. I never plan an outfit the night before.  Each morning when I get up I check in with my mood and I dress to suit. Packing removes the impulse and fun from dressing since the wardrobe is predicted.

Packing really is about being organised and I feel boxed in by the suitcase, by putting together outfits, by packing shoes and accessories.   I want to rethink this, to have a different approach to packing and to find the joy in this chore.  

How do you pack for a trip?


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