Airport Hang Out. Day 45, Blog 44

I am here at JFK airport.  I decided not to check in at a hotel for the night and that I would spend a few hours at the airport until my connecting flight.

This decision was based on my recent layover experience in Miami when I stayed a night at a hotel.  I thought the experience an absolute waste of money, since I barely slept and had to go to the airport shortly after getting there.

With that in mind I made the decision to spend the hours waiting at the airport.

Now I am sitting here with Jasmine and we started talking about this and that.  She came into New York from Houston to do a fashion shoot tomorrow and to participate in a fashion show on September 9th.  Interesting that I decided to rough it and I end up having beautiful company for part of my stay in the airport.  

This is the best part of life for me.  Making decisions, seeing where I land and embracing whatever comes because of those decisions.  I firmly believe that there are no right or wrong decisions.  I make a decision it does not work I make another one.  I am not flip flopping I am deliberately deciding as I move forward.

Will I decide to spend another night in an airport?  Most likely not, but I made that decision tonight and I will see how it ends up.

What decisions have you made that you want to change?


2 thoughts on “Airport Hang Out. Day 45, Blog 44

  1. Such an important lesson. I struggle with making the right decision and it’s so important to remember that nothing is final. Reminds me of a quote I love “There are no right decisions. Make a decision, then make it right”

    1. Fayola,you are a great decision maker. The best thing about making a decision is that we get to make another. It’s Ok to abandon a decision when it just is not right for us. We take the lessons learned and factor this into out next decision. Good stuff.

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