Meeting strangers Blog 45, Day 45

I spent last night chatting with a complete stranger.  It was pretty easy to do this since she was attractive and interested in my world as I was in hers.  

We spoke about our careers, our challenges, our belief systems and what our potential next steps were.  We got to a deep level of conversation and were able to see each other in a multi faceted way.  We left with more knowledge of each other than when we initially met.

This is what I like – relationships, connections, exchanges with people, regardless of their walk of life.  A connection that has no promise, no demands, just an exchange of intimacy – into you I see, into me you see  I enjoy seeing into people and opening myself so that they can see into me.  After exchanges like this I notice when that person walks away I feel their absence and miss their presence.  This does not mean that I am pining for the person, I just notice that five minutes ago I was exchanging thoughts and ideas with them and now they are gone.

I wish that all my exchanges on a daily basis had this level of intimacy, that I can see and hear the other person as they do the same for me.  I wish that I could always hold the space for more people, and give them permission to show up as all of who they are in conversations with me.  I know the answer to this one.  I need to show up first, I need to lead by example.  I need to open myself first and demonstrate that in the moment for our encounter I am willing to be intimate.  I know what I need, so I need to open the door for others to enter.  I am pretty sure they will meet me half way.

What do you want when you meet someone new?

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