Connections. Day 46, Blog 46

Yesterday I was enjoying the company of a complete stranger and today I reveled in the company of people whom I knew. After a long stay at JKF then an eleven hour flight to Berlin, an hour long connection brought me to the beautiful city of Budapest. Here I met people with whom I share a commonality though we are each different.

The desire for human connection was seen in the extended arms for hugs and turned cheeks for kisses and meant that I found their faces familiar, remembered names and some small thing about them. 

After sharing with a stranger, I look forward to sharing with people whom I know in some way. I want to to experience the people whom I am with and make real contact, to listen, and to share.  

I know that it is easier to share with someone whom I will probably never meet again, so this is the true test.  To open myself to people whom I will meet again, to invite them into my life, and to really experience the trueness of connection.  Not to run, not to get busy but to stay present, aware of the people around me, to show up so that they can see me and speak so that they can hear me.

I have said it so now I am going to do that.  Push the experiment to a place that is real, where there is consequence and the ability to follow up. Take the opportunity as it presents itself and see what will happen.

Trust that as I want this, others do as well.

What decisions have you made about making human connections?


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