Privilege Reloaded. Day 47, Blog 47

I posted about privilege before I started this blog challenge and I am thinking how relevant it is to what I am experiencing here in Budapest. ( I will repost)

Today my Transylvanian friend took us for some special time together in Budapest.

First stop was the New York Cafe.  What an opulent place.  I went with the flow and had champagne with breakfast.  The food, the place was absolutely amazing.

Then we went to Alexander book store with its amazing fresco ceilings and a wide collection of books.

Last stop was the Opera House and just because we were in town the opera was outside.  The performers were dressed in jeans and the sounds were amazing.

How lucky am I? How privileged that I did not need to figure it out, to take a train, to jump on a tram or the metro.  Here I am in Budapest with a front seat view and all my needs catered to.  A life of luxury and privilege. I am truly grateful for the gifts that I have received and it is  with grace that I accept all that has been extended to me.

This is moment when I stop and accept that the Universe is abundant and this experience is one of the ways that she shows her mercy towards me. 

What mercies are being extended to you? What experiences tell you that you are privileged?

P.S.  I have pictures but it seems that transferring from one device to another is NOT a no brainer.  I will do a throw back when I have better wireless connections. 


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