Celebration – Day 50, Blog 50

It’s day 50 and Blog 50.  Today I want to recognize, honor and celebrate what a great journey this has been for me. I have seen a hesitant start change to a daily experience that I absolutely enjoy.  I see how taking a few minutes to reflect on what is foremost on my mind is beneficial to my grounding and being able to resolve on a daily basis.

Today I celebrate with my cheerleaders, the persons who daily read my posts, or often comment or reblog my posts or have written blog posts about what I am doing.  Today I acknowledge my gratitude to be followed by other bloggers, the occasional readers and likers of a post.

Tonight I recognize that my posts resonate with people that I know and others that I don’t. Today I am grateful for all the silent supporters, the people who mention something in the blog when they meet me and everyone who has ever made a comment to my blog.  This is what keeps me going.

Today I seriously thank each of you for being with me on this journey.

Today I celebrate achievement of a stated goal and take a few minutes to feel the warmth of being part of an unseen community.  How wonderful it is to be in service, to share to relate, to be grateful, to be connected.

The blogging has brought me resonance and established that my heart’s desire is to be honored.  I may never be a great writer but I take the space that I can occupy and I show up everyday just doing what I can. Today I claim this space as mine in the world with the full knowledge that I am the only person who can prevent me from retaining my space. 

Now I set a new target to keep going for 100 days.

Thank you all.

What are you celebrating today?


5 thoughts on “Celebration – Day 50, Blog 50

  1. Maxine you never cease to amaze me! 100 days! I remember when you thought 50 days in a row was incomprehensible!!! I am celebrating you and your achievement. It is inspiring. Also celebrating my visualizing facilitating a workshop and guess what? Booked it today. Visualizing works!


    1. Connie, thanks for this. 50 days seemed distant until day 1 changed to day 10 and I got into the rhythm of doing and not resisting. The process itself is great blog material.


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