The Day After – Blog 51

After the celebration of writing 50 Blogs in 50 days, I deliberately took a rest from blogging to soak the moment in.

So often in the past I did not stop to celebrate what I have done, to congratulate myself on my achievements, or to note what is different after attaining what I committed to do.  Usually after achieving something, I shrug and rush headlong into doing the next thing and getting another tick in the check box.  I never feel like I have done enough or that I am doing enough.

Hence the reason that I am proud of myself for not blogging yesterday and that I chose to honor my accomplishment and in turn to honor myself.

It was no small thing to achieve 50 blogs in 50 blogs.  During that time I had a hectic schedule and travelled from Trinidad to North Carolina, to Annapolis, to Washington DC, back to Trinidad and ended day 50 in Budapest.  I had fun with friends, entered a learning community, did my daily work, edited my new book, oversaw the production of the book, worked on the publicity for the book, began renovations on my home,  while maintaining relationships with all the attendant responsibilities.

I did not always feel like showing up, I did not always feel like writing, and I knew the days that I was off center and was scared of what I would write. Despite whatever was happening in my life I showed up everyday, put my fingers on the keyboard and trusted that the Universe would support me in my efforts.

Yesterday I chose to stay in the being of accomplishment and not move to the doing of something else.

Now I am thinking of all the times that I have not celebrated the completion of an achievement, when I did not congratulate myself and downplayed what I had done and ignored the good feelings that come with accomplishment. I feel sad as I acknowledge how I rushed on to something else, focussing on getting the next thing done, instead of spending time recognizing my efforts.

That was in the past.  Today I commit that whenever I achieve something I am going to stop and celebrate, to stay in the moment of the joy, before I move on to doing anything else.

Part of achieving the goal is being in the moment of the accomplishment before moving on to the doing of something else.

What are you celebrating today?  How are you honoring your accomplishment?


2 thoughts on “The Day After – Blog 51

  1. Lorijo, Yes It is something that I have to actively decide and choose to do. It is not the way that I was brought up but it is the way I presently am.

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