Last Note . Blog 55

Tonight I change the rhythm of how I write the blog to ensure that I keep the commitment of the blog.  I leave Budapest in the morning.  By 7.30 a.m. I have to be dressed and packed for the airport so I am now turning in, getting ready to turn out the lights so I have 18 minutes or less to post something.

My last day in Budapest was amazing, beautiful views from the Castle, a walk through the antique district, glasses of Hungarian sparkling wine and some wonderful champagne.  It was also filled with anxiety.  A lost wallet and figuring out the balances in the budget – will always have that effect.

Though I am tired and contented, I still need to keep the commitment of blogging.  Usually I write the blogs as a Pages/ Doc file, then I edit them, crossing out lines that are redundant, substituting words that are repeated.  When I am happy with it I copy and paste the words onto WordPress.  Then I read it again, then publish. I try to get it right, ensuring that I have done my best with each blog, regardless of the content.  Not so today.  Today, I am cutting corners and writing the blog straight onto WordPress.  I have decided that this is how I will get the blog done in the 18 minutes allocated before I get to bed.

Now I have done it.  Blog 55 done in 12 minutes.  Not the best blog ever but I showed up and kept the commitment.  I know for me that showing up is a big part of keeping the commitment.  It always seems that once I show up the magic happens, the Universe bends over backwards to ensure that I get what I need to do the things that I need.  Whenever I think that the task is impossible, I show up and do something and sometimes that is enough.

What do you do when you can’t do your best?


9 thoughts on “Last Note . Blog 55

  1. I listen to music, shake off the feeling of ‘I can’t,’ then I commit to give what I am capable of giving at the time and I show up!


  2. I always try to do my best. That may prove to be different for each situation, but regardless of the circumstances I put forth the effort and give the best in that moment. I think once we strive for excellence we will always accomplish something whether its the stars, moon, cloud or the ground, it’s our best. Keep up the good work Max! Much love.


    1. Giselle. It’s great to hear from you. I quite agree with your statement, For each of us, in each situation it will be different. Much love


  3. Showing up is half of the work so kudos to you. I look at the silver lining when I can’t do my best and prepare for the next time so that I can. Sometimes, things simply don’t work out. All we can do is adapt and move forward.


    1. I like the idea of preparation for the next time. It reminds me of when I get a NO – I take it as Next Opportunity. Thanks for sharing.


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