New York at Night. Day 56

I am spending a few days in New York, before I return to work.  This is part of my reentry process.  This is where I get ready to return to my routine.  In New York, I will gather all my scattered thoughts, and get ready to return to my world, my work, and my life.

This is my time to recover from my long journeys, regroup my thoughts and plan my next moves.

I have a number of things waiting to be picked back up when I return home.  I have to return to promoting – Lead Your Team To Win book and all the things that come with that venture.    I need to pick up the threads of my connections and hook up with the people who are constant in my life. I need to return to my exercise routine and my regular eating habits. At my job, I need to have one or two wins to before the end of the year to end the year on a high note. And of course, press forward with the redecorations. For the next few days, I am going to leisurely plan my next steps

I am enjoying my New York minute.  This is where I get to RE – recover, renew, reenergise and be ready.

Where do you plan and get ready?


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