Mercy and Grace – Day 57

Last night I crashed.  I spent the day indoors, catching up with my publicist, as we ironed out the details for the October 3rd webinar for “Lead Your Team To Win” and the MailChimp campaign to follow that.  Then I had a long conversation with the web designer who launched my new website while I was abroad.  He is now officially family and I am eternally grateful. Then the day got difficult as I had to contact government offices for some much needed documentation that I am no closer to obtaining and then dealt with the post office that has not yet forwarded any mail to my new address.

Yesterday I was reminded that there are many things that I cannot control and even more things that I cannot achieve alone.  I experienced yet again that mercy of the Universe and the grace of the people that I am connected to as I achieve my goals.

Yesterday was a long, drawn out day. I wanted to sleep several times but I kept myself up so that I could honor the work that others had started for me and to have an easier day today.  It is only when my head hit the pillows that I remembered the blog.

Today I play catch up.  Blog 57 in the morning and Blog 58 in the evening.  Today I enjoy New York.  A trip to the theater, some good food and whatever else is presented along the way.  I worked yesterday so that I can play today.

What graces have you received as you achieved your goals? What mercies have been extended to you?

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