First Day at Work – Blog 62

Today was my first day out at work and it was uneventful.  My team members had nothing to report, they made progress with their projects and had checked their balance score cards to see what was needed to be done for the end of the year.

I am very proud of my team.  The members are self directed, they initiate projects and get them done.  The team did not always work this way but after working with the safe space concept over the last two years the team is reaping the benefits.

In the safe space, team members are given permission to fail.  They are not afraid of failure since they are guaranteed to learn something from the mistake.  They know that I as leader fully support their efforts and that I will work with them to plan, mitigate and face challenges as they occur.

The safe space was co-created by the staff and me.  We decided how we want to work and what we considered a safe environment for us to work as the creative and intelligent adults that we are.  It was not always easy .  We had some difficult conversations and some points on which we agreed to disagree.

While the team members have grown professionally the safe space has benefitted me personally. I have seen changes in my attitude where I have become a more genuine and caring person.  I have become more tactful and communicative and my consistency and fairness does not mean that I am not flexible.  I am better at asking questions, I jump to few conclusions and I have learned to really listen.

If you are a leader and want your team members to take initiative and contribute to the team’s success or if you are a team member and want to develop a work environment in which you feel safe then

Join me for the Lead Your Team Webinar – October 3rd 2014 at noon Eastern as I share how I developed and implemented the concept with my staff.

How do you lead your team?

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