Playing with Noodles – Blog 63

I spent the day with my 3 year old niece and her noodle.  We spent the day transforming the noodle into various objects for our delight and pleasure. First it was a golf club, and then we balanced it on our hands, as we tried to keep the noodle in the air for  a count of ten.  Later it became a gate through which we ran charging through only to have the gate lifted at the last moment, just before we reached it. The games went on until we decided to use the noodle as a doll’s slide and the doll got trapped inside.  We could not get the doll out so it remains stuck in the noodle even as we have retired for bed.

I enjoy my niece’s creativity and playfulness. She dreams up schemes and I play along.

As I played today I thought about the different places that I have worked  and how challenging it was to get team members to work creatively.  I have heard managers lament about staff not taking initiative and being at wits end about how to change this.

I believe that we are all creative and intelligent.  Like my niece we can think of many things to do with a noodle and have fun while at it.  Yet I have seen the most creative of persons become devoid of ideas in a work environment.

Creativity breeds best in safe environments.  When people feel safe they will think outside the box, they will take a risk and they will be willing to fail.  Hence the reason that I created a “safe space” at my office so that team members could be their most creative and intelligent selves on a daily basis.  They are free to take risks, bring ideas and most importantly to fail.

If  you are a leader and want your team members to be creative and bring ideas or if you are a team member and want to work in an environment that nurtures your creativity then

Join me for the Lead Your Team Webinar – October 3rd 2014 at noon Eastern as I share how I motivated team members to think creatively and to take risks that lead to huge payoffs.


One thought on “Playing with Noodles – Blog 63

  1. Nice story. It’s true, we should always give the child in us a space for expression. There are so many ways we can break the monotony of work by approaching it innovatively.


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