I Don’t Want a Job – Blog 65

Today one of the team members came to my office with questions about how to progress in the organization.  They were good questions since I could easily answer them.

The way to progress in any organization begins with a well defined role; which is not a job description.  While a job description says what needs to be done on a daily basis and emphasize tasks accomplishment; a role suggests transformation of the individual over a period of time.  It offers that there is a great need for the skill sets and shows how these skill sets are weighted in the organisational context.  The role does not necessarily represent where a person is right now, it can project what the person will  develop into over a two or three year horizon.

Each year staff and I review these roles, identifying what else needs to be done to get to the nth limit of their professional development in their chosen field. From the roles, it is easy to develop annual performance objectives and training plans to ensure that employees progress.  The role guides the projects that they will get involved in, the training they will attend and gives them full control of their careers.  There is no need to identify tasks, tasks evolve from identifying what is needed to fulfill the role requirements.

This is not a job for Human Resources.  Human Resources does not determine my departmental objectives, therefore they cannot determine how staff should be engaged to achieve the objectives.  They can make recommendations based on what I have proposed and engage in discussions based on the organizational policies, procedures, protocol and precedence.

I am passionate about people development thus I have a keen interest in role development.  I have seen the listlessness of people who have a job description that suggests the same tasks year in and year out and I have seen brilliant people retire at more or less the same level at which they entered the organisation; hence the reason why I have worked with my staff to create alternate scenarios for them.

Though I appreciate that some jobs are task oriented or doing jobs and people have different levels of ability; I challenge managers to define meaty, stretch roles for all staff so that each can bring their innate intelligence to the job and to develop to their highest competence and ability on the job.

I discus this idea of role development in my book Lead Your Team To Win.  Join me and five other experts on October 3rd at noon Eastern as we explore this and other concepts in the book in the free “Secrets of Leaders” webinar.  Click on the link and register today http://bit.ly/LeadYourTeamWebinar


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