Cold and Calculating – Blog 66

I am posting John Gibb’s 4 Star review of my new book – Lead Your Team To Win – for those who have not yet read the copy on Amazon.

Your team members are creative and intelligent and want to make a difference; you can give them the permission they need to do this, according to Maxine Attong in this book. Embracing this concept will enable you to shift your leadership style, which will further your own goals and ultimately benefit your team’s performance.

The book describes how the author has created the concept of a safe space and used it as a management tool to facilitate enhanced team performance. The safe space is a room in which team members are free to release emotions, get past negative feelings, and take risks that lead to rewards. What happens in the room stays in the room, so team members can reveal their weaknesses but still leave with their dignity intact. Benefits include:

• Providing a dynamic environment for the free exchange of ideas

• Receiving honest feedback

• Convincing team members that their thoughts and contributions are valued

• Raising the level of trust in the team

• Giving team members shared ownership of the team’s successes and failures

The author writes in a clear and concise manner, so the “safe space” idea is well explained; however, I am not sure I am entirely comfortable with it. Some of the aspects seem a bit too cold and calculating. For example, the author says that some team members may see the safe space as a management trick that allows the leader to extract work, and she goes on the admit, “And they may be right.”

Intrigued that the safe space may be cold and calculating?  Click on the link and register today for our free webinar at

Join me and 5 expert panelists as we discuss the book then you can decide what adjectives you will use to describe the book.


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