Anti-climatic Accomplishments – Blog 67

Today I ran for 2 hours, without stopping.  I have never run this long before but I decided this morning that I will run one hour out on the course and make my way back.

At the end of the run I felt great, I achieved the set objective.  As I stretched I noticed that my feet were sore, my throat parched and my body was tired.  I thought “Wow, accomplishments can be anti-climatic”

I had completed the run and there was no confetti, just other sweaty runners stretching and rehydrating all around me.  No one was celebrating that I had done something new and had pushed my legs to new limits. and even though I acknowledged my feat, my focus was  on recovery

That is why doing is so attractive to me.  There is the rush of adrenalin when the fear and anxiety kicks in, there is the leap of the heart and the queasiness of the stomach as plans go awry and with a deep breath I steer them back on course.  Then there is the peaceful feeling that emanates through the body  followed by the the sigh of relief that the mission was accomplished.  When it is over, it is over, no excitement, no thrill, no wonder, and no what if.  The mystery is  replaced by hard facts, and there is no magic to wield since the deed is done.

That general lack of excitement with a done deed, is what kept me in a doing mode, as I looked for the new challenge and the next thing to do.  The lack of drama is what makes it challenging for me to stay in the moment of an accomplished deed.

Over time, I have learned that moving on quickly, lessens the value of what I have done, since I have not sat long enough to honor the work that I have done nor the decisions that I have made.

I know now that there is good reason to linger on an achievement, to soak up its good feelings and to wallow in the fact that I have done something.  Now I take time honor my achievements, to stay in the moment as long as possible and to extend my arms and pat myself on the back.

Hence I am hosting a webinar on Friday 3rd October to celebrate the publication of Lead Your Team To Win.  I am sitting in the moment and relishing that accomplishment, extending the moment of celebration, honoring my work and giving the book its moment before I move on to something else.

Come celebrate with me on Friday 3rd October at noon Eastern.   Click on the link and register today for our free webinar at

What do you do when you accomplish something?  How do you celebrate your achievements?


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