Beautiful Yoga – Blog 68

Today I went to a yoga class.  My body was so tight from running, that when I heard a girlfriend talk about her yoga experience I signed up for a class.

After the class, I sat with the instructor and listened to how much in love she is with her life.  She works as a Human Resources consultant and teaches yoga.  She shares the studio space with her business partner and the business continues to grow.

I watched how her face lit up when she spoke about her life and the things that she did.  Just when I thought that she could not be more beautiful, she talked about introducing young people to yoga.  As she spoke about the classes for the prenatal, the moms and babies, the toddlers through to teenagers she was literally grinning and beaming.

As I was about to leave I turned and hugged her.  This is not my normal behaviour but I felt compelled to embrace her, to be connected to her in that brief moment and feel some of her generous energy.

I will go back to yoga, yes the class was relaxing and my body feels looser, but I am really returning to observe this wonderful woman some more and learn from her as she sings her heart song.

On Friday I will share from my heart book – Lead Your Team to Win – in the Secrets of Leadership webinar.

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