The Universe Supports Me – Blog 70

Yesterday I asked for help and today I received it.  I sent out a call asking people to repost the notices for my seminar – Secrets of Leaders – which serves to launch my new book “Lead Your Team To Win” on their various social media platforms and I have seen the results.  I am very happy, grateful and excited for all the help that I have received and now with one day to go before the launch I am again requesting your generosity and support.  Please tweet or post on Facebook or any of your social media platforms any of the below.  Huge thanks!

My friend @maxineattong has written a powerful book about creating a #SafeSpace at work. Learn more at this webinar.

What questions do you have about creating a #SafeSpace at work? Join this webinar to get life-changing answers!

What is a #SafeSpace? The chance to be yourself, get support & enhance your work life. Join this webinar to learn how!

Can you help me?

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