Webinar Was Well Supported – Blog 72

The webinar was a grand slam.  55 persons attended and there was great participation from the audience.  I felt truly supported throughout the process by the invited panelists who all followed the agenda and brought wonderful content to the table.  Connie Kadansky was the moderator while Dr Steve Broe, Michael Randel and Leah De Souza were the panellists.

At my job, a group of 20 people set up the conference room so that they could share in the webinar together during their lunch hour.  It seemed that they were very thrilled by the experience and I could literally feel their energy coming over the internet.

After the webinar, I received congratulatory emails, lovely visits and long chats from the people at work.  As if this was not enough, 100 copies of Lead Your Team To Win were delivered at the office.  More excitement. My team members all gathered around as I cut open one box and took out the book.  Six pairs of hands reached out to touch and feel the book as they opened and pressed their noses into the book to take in its scent.

It was so exciting to share the moment with a group of people.  It was so good to be around well wishers and to be cheered on by them.  It was so wonderful to be supported in a moment of joy and to see the joy float and touch the people around me.  It was a reminder of how connected we all are, how we are all powerful enough to change a circumstance, to offer up an alternative and to present a powerful contradiction.

Friday October 3rd was a memorable day for me.  It was the day that I launched my book Lead Your Team To Win.  It was the day that I declared how I created a safe space to work with my team and to lead my team to huge wins in the office. It was a day that I felt truly supported by my colleagues and that is a feeling that I will remember forever.

When did you feel supported by your colleagues?


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