Feedback Is a Gift – Blog 73

A friend of mine always says “Feedback is a gift”.  This means that she has made a choice about her approach to how she receives feedback – good or bad.  She can choose what she does with the feedback, she can keep it and use it, she can treasure it, she can store it for future use or she can dump it.  I have learned to value this phrase of hers and to put a positive spin on feedback.

I am still getting feedback from the webinar.  Old friends, former colleagues and people I did not know formed a ring around me on Friday and lifted me as I spoke about my book.  They stayed with me for most of an hour sharing my success and pushing me onwards.  I have received the gifts of their presence and their support, and most importantly the gift of feedback which I treasure and share with you.

“Boy Maxine,  I have to tell you, I was so happy to be a part of this insightful offering.  Just yesterday, myself and a colleague were having a conversation about some of the issues that were highlighted in the presentation.  The webinar has certainly whet my appetite and I am so looking forward to reading the book and being even more inspired to take my career to another level.”

“Thanks for sharing your journey and giving others the opportunity to think about their own possibilities. I got the sense that you shared your heart and it’s for real!”

“It’s done,  And I thought it went so well and you were clear.  Well done, my friend.”

“You sounded great – fantastic presence!!”

“I hope you have great success with building your audience”

“Congratulations Maxine!  This was a well managed event, and a pleasure to be invited to be a panelist!”

“Congratulations, Maxine. It was really, really good.”

“You did it!!!! Congratulations – you are launched! “


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