5 Stars for #LeadYourTeamToWin – Blog 74

Transformation Starts From the Inside Out, October 4, 2014

This review is from: Lead Your Team to Win (Paperback)

As a coach who works who clients in many different dynamics, I experience some leaders of organizations pay “lip” service to their missions and visions. Admittedly leaders are under pressure from different directions and it’s easy to lose themselves. That is why anyone who manages people would benefit from reading this highly-conscious book. It will cause them to reflect on their ability to develop trust and also to question their motives.

Energy Leadership, Copyright 2008, by Bruce Schneider reveals that in the majority of companies, the attitude is “I win and you lose.” Other leadership books tell their readers to “be paranoid.”

Lead Your Team to Win shares how a leader can create a culture of “we all win or we do not play.” It requires trust and honesty from the top down and the bottom up. It is a visionary book that may be ahead of it’s time for average companies and average leaders. However, the leaders who want to create a culture where employees take responsibility and want to come to work and contribute at high levels will benefit from this book.


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