Getting to nth – Blog 76

I launched my book – Lead Your Team To Win – last Friday with a webinar. I sold books to the local bookstore and I started a rounds of media interviews.  I spoke to my publicist today and she is gearing up for more promotions in 2015 and more publicity and book launches.

At work I am getting ready to facilitate strategic sessions in Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad.  Each session takes the utmost in planning, ensuring that I have the right blend of activities so that participants stay attentive during the sessions.  I am highly conscious of how the knowledge that I have acquired in 2014 takes its place in my ever growing toolkit.

At home, I met with the decorators as we decided what colour best suits the walls and the order of jobs that would take us to the end of the year.  I know full well that this work will spill over into the 2015 New Year.

At some point in time I would like to be over everything.  I would like to be at a nth position with the book.  This is where the whole world knows about Lead Your Team To Win and every conference organiser calls on me to speak.  At nth, people sign up in droves for my one day seminars and my webinar attendants are at maximum capacity.  I will spend every working hour facilitating the development of the safe space and coaching leaders how to do it.

Then I will no longer be doing strategic sessions because I just would not have the time.

My house will be reflective of the vision that I have for it in my head with all the marvelous counter tops, exquisite fabrics and gorgeously painted walls.  I will walk into wonder everyday since everything will be exactly as I see it in my mind’s vivid imagination.

Today I am a long way away from the nth, but it’s great to have a target, something that I am moving towards.  In reality I know that some of it will not happen exactly the way that I dream it.  The reality is that two years from now when I write my third book I may be interested in coaching and facilitating a totally different skills-set. My present job can morph into something totally unexpected and the facilitation of strategic sessions can be outsourced.  I may just wake up one morning and want my walls in a different colour.

I love dreams because they are free and keep me buoyant as I float from one state of wonder to another.  I don’t have to stay with any one experience, I can glean what I can from it before moving on.

Dreams are fickle, they are not constant like my personal vision.  Therefore I do not to hold on to them for too long but let them go to the Universe so that she can have her final say in the outcome. Then whatever I get I graciously receive and joyously celebrate.

Here’s to never getting to nth, because then what?

What are you dreaming about now?


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