Epic Execution – Blog 78

At the start of 2014 I told my team that we are EPIC and the only way to be epic is to have execution.  It’s OK to bring ideas and have great plans but it’s not an achievement until it is executed and the results have been proven.

Our focus for the year has been on execution, completion of the things that we have started with the documentation that establishes our legacy and says what we have done.

While we are doing the projects we need to have fun. So from Trinidad Carnival 2014, I selected the song EPIC by Machel Montano which is a catchy party tune.  Other than the joy of the song, I enjoy the idea of having de biggest and “baddest” team and that we claim each other as crew.  The song has themes of inclusiveness, everyone is invited in and is assured that there will be no judgement as  whatever you do or do not do it’s “no scene”.  This is for me just another expression of the safe space, where people can be as they are in a place of freedom, and have no fear of being judged.

What a wonderful space to be in.  Enjoy the video.

Fetein on meh mind, ah waitin Oh yeah

Ah want everybody tuh know We out here

Ah feelin de vibes

Our time is near and we takin Over de show we doh care

All hands in the sky, When my team comin down And we getting on yes

We takin over de town

Like all behaviours say goodbye

Like it just leave and gone

And is mad vibes straight till Tomorrow morning so.

Who want tuh drink rum Is no scene Who not drinkin none Is no scene

Everybody could come in And jump with de biggest team

Who want tuh pelt pace Is no scene We mash up de place Is no scene

No body not bad like we Cause we is de baddest team.

We come out tuh play and be loose

Everyting we do in E.P.I.C

Whatever yuh do in E.P.I.C 

When yuh hear de music team up.

Ah jumpin up me and meh crew

Watch how we does do with E.P.I.C, E.P.I.C

Does your work team have a theme song?  What is it and what does it stand for?

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