Interview Did Not Make The Cut – Blog 80

Last Tuesday I was interviewed for the local paper and was told that the article would appear in this Sunday’s paper.  THe interview was about Lead Your Team to Win, my new book and I was pretty excited. The reporter and I got along fairly well and though I did not understand all her questions the first time I thought we did pretty ok. She emailed me on Friday to ask for a picture of the book and my head shot as well.

I got a little ahead of myself then and posted on Facebook that I will be in  Sunday’s papers.  This morning after my early morning run I stopped and bought the Sunday papers.  As soon as I got home I peeled through the papers and did not see myself.  I slowed down and did it again.  I noticed on the second take that the reporter’s name was on another article.  My article it seemed did not make the cut.

The local Sunday papers where I live have the format of News, Features, Entertainment, Kids, Women’s magazine and Sports.  One of them has a male section.

My interviewer writes for the features and sometimes for the women’s section.  I did not want my book appearing in the women’s section because then the article would be about me as a woman who wrote a book.  I wanted the article to be in the once a week Business pullout since the focus would be on the book and the solutions that it offers managers regardless of gender to achieve optimal performance.  I also thought that being in the Business sector the article would be seen by a wider cross section of the population than in the women’s magazine.

I did not have a problem with the article being presented in the features section either since this is a generic area that most people would scan through.

Now I have to review the papers for the week and see if the article surfaces during the week and where it is featured.  Fingers crossed that it will appear in the Business pull out,  which is where I want it to be.  While I realistically acknowledge  that it is better for it to be in any section that never being published, I am holding out for what I want, even as I know that I have no control over this.

Let’s see where and when it appears.

What are you being unrealistic about?


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