What I Got For Showing Up – Blog 81

Today I honored a commitment that I made to a group of professionals since earlier this year.  They attended the inaugural training session of Change Or Die – The Business Process Improvement Manual,  which is based on my first book (of the same name). As part of the training, I offered a free one hour coaching session to the attendees.

Most of the participants did not take up the offer, but six participants from one company, bundled their coaching hours and I spent the morning with them.

I took a copy of my new book – Lead Your Team To Win – to share with them and reveled in the excitement that was generated and the congratulations that  were extended.

As they passed the book around I noticed that one of the managers was taking notes as she thumbed through the book.  At the end of the session, she came to me and said, “I made a list of topics from your book. I think that it will be a good idea to host a seminar around these points for our new managers.”  She went on to say that the company will purchase a copy of the book – Lead Your Team To Win – for each manager.  She committed to get in touch with me during the following  week so that we could confirm the dates.

This was definitely not part of my plan.  I left home this morning focussed on showing up, keeping my commitment and doing a good job.  And for that I was unexpectedly rewarded.

What happens when you show up? What have you received just because you did?


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