Regional Connections – Blog 84

Today I am in Barbados, resting after a full day.
I spent the day facilitating a strategic session with a team of managers. It was great to support the team as they bravely looked into the mirror and saw themselves as they were. Whether they liked the images or not I admired their bravery and acceptance of the work that they needed to do.
I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by Barbados Today about Lead Your Team To Win. The young interviewer was astute in his line of questioning. He seemed to be quite passionate about his work and generally happy to be doing what he did. At the end of the interview I commented that it was obvious how much he loved his job and he concurred.
When I got to the hotel I received an email from a Jamaican woman who has been emailing me since May this year about training on Change or Die – The Process Improvement Manual. I sent her the flyer for the October 2014 training session and she promptly followed up with registration.
I am just thinking of what a great day I had and the number of people that I connected with from different Caribbean countries on this one day. I am thinking of how to extrapolate the experience and to have more contact with people all over the region. Something new to think about.

What are you thinking about? What connections do you want to increase?

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