The Day After – Blog 93

Today, the day after my first ever half – marathon I received many congratulations and comments about my efforts.  Yesterday’s run rippled through my community, filling it with pride and inspiration.  It feels good when one of us does something because for the rest of us, it means that whatever we want it is all possible.  Other’s people achievements are never a source of envy. While they may encourage self examination and desire, they are symbols of hope, showing that we can all achieve and nothing is impossible.

My race completion felt like communal triumph, as people reached out to me to say how proud they were that I endured and completed the race, and that they were inspired to join me next year, on the run.

Then there are the people who said that they did not know that I ran, or ran long distances.  They are right; in 2013 I was not a long distance runner, now in 2014 I am.  In less than a year I changed how I show up in  the world. That was a reminder that we control how people see us and how easily we ascribe and are ascribed labels.  It was also powerful evidence that we can change what we are and be something completely different tomorrow.

As I closed the day on the experience I received the note that best summarized the experience from my  cousin who herself is a marathoner

Well done! Well done! There is a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes from fulfilling a goal. This feeling is only enhanced when you consider the hard work that goes into accomplishing the goal. A distance race like this is a good lesson in life, because it shows us what we can accomplish when we put our minds to something. Way to go, I had to miss this one, but I look forward to seeing you next year.”


2 thoughts on “The Day After – Blog 93

  1. Congratulations Maxine!!!! I remember my first half marathon and the next ones are much easier. Maybe we can run one some time together! It has been a while for me but I love the feeling of running 13.1 best of all. Thanks for the remembrance and BRAVO!!!


  2. Janine. Thanks for this. It is a great feeling to complete. I now understand why you love running long distances. My shoes are packed for SA


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