Doing Things With Joy – Blog 97

The book launch for Lead Your Team To Win takes place in Trinidad on the 18th November. Since the October 3rd webinar that marked the international launch of the book I have been resting from book- publicity and all that comes with it.  I shifted my focus to the house and preparing for the half marathon.  Now I have to reengage with the book and plan this launch.

It is not an easy thing to switch gears, yet it is something that a lot of us do automatically.

For me it begins with a niggle that says,“OK Maxine, you have 16 days to the book launch.  What do you need to do to get ready for it?”  The niggle then becomes a noise that takes a less questioning tone as it begins to make demands. “OK Maxine, time to get up.  Make a list get a schedule and get the stuff done.”

Nothing ever happens without some push back.  The reluctant part of me starts to procrastinate and whine about how much she does not want to do anything.  Because of her I never willingly rush into a project, I have to say No before getting to the yes.  This has nothing to do with fear, and nothing to do with the fear of failure.  It is the recognition that everything requires effort and sometimes I don’t want to make the effort.

After the pout session, the reluctant part of me joins the eager beaver and we start.  All parts become engaged, I switch on totally and show up 100 percent committed.  I take the todo list and methodically knock things off the list.

This time I am making a slight change.  I already had the pout session, but I am not going to do things methodically. I am going to deliberately approach each task with joy.  I am going to joyfully create, joyfully send out the invitations, joyfully plan the event. Just saying it feels less burdensome.

How do you set about getting things done?  What part does joy have in this?


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