Headache – Blog 98

I have had a head ache for three days now.  The first sign of it was a splitting pain down the middle of my head on Friday night.  By Saturday it was a low throb, that kept me company while I ran errands and did the chores.   It is a lazy pain, that disappeared when I put on my running shoes on Sunday morning as it declined to join me for a run.  As my feet pounded the pavement, there was no accompanying rhythm in my head.

When I returned home, the pain running returned full force, confining me to bed for the rest of the day.

All the while that I suffered the painters painted.  As I slept, they put up ladders, cleaned surfaces, dipped brushes and kept painting.  My only recognition of them was when they knocked on my door, “Ms Maxine…”to signal that they needed something.

This morning as I dressed for work I noticed the presence of my new companion.  The headache was still there.  My foggy head slowed me down,  but I was still functioned and made it to work.

At work I had to adjust to the lights, the screen, and fight the desire to sleep.

This evening at home, I got a small reprieve.  I noticed around 8.00 p.m. that my head felt different.  No headache, it was gone.

Now that I am readying to sleep, I feel that familiar throb, that dull pain in my right temple.  My old friend is back, reminding me of her presence, saying that she is not done with me just yet.  I am resigned but not defeated. I have lived with this headache for three days and functioned, albeit slower.  Now I am accommodating it and taking it slowly to bed.

Do you get headaches/ migraines?  How do you live with them?

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