Wear a Good Bra

Two days before the book launch and I am slowly getting excited.
Tomorrow morning I will appear on a local morning talk show on – CNC 3 Morning Program to talk about my new book – Lead Your Team To Win. I have never been on TV before so I really am uncertain how this will play out. I asked my friend Akosua who is also an author, for some tips, since she has done several interviews. Her advice,“ Wear a good bra and non shiny makeup. Show up as yourself.”
It’s too late to go shopping for a new bra or matte makeup so I will make do with what I have. I will definitely show up,and talk about the book and my experiences while writing it and putting it out in the world. I will tell the truth even if I look dumb saying it and I will represent Maxine Attong the best way that I know how.
The truth is that I have been working this way for years. I have been leading teams, helping people rediscover what they want and who they are for the last 14 years. When I set my personal vision of “enhancing the lives of people with whom I make contact” it was necessary for me to recalibrate myself, retool my skills and set a new vision of how I wanted to work and what I wanted to do on a daily basis. I am not expecting that 5 minutes of TV will tell people who I am, I am expecting that 5 minutes of TV will put my voice into the air and just say to people who don’t know me that it’s all possible and that it begins with each and every one of us. We got the Power.

Have you ever been on TV? Send me you best tips please.


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