Reaching the Unknown

Today I did my first ever interview on the local television. I got there at 7.05 a.m., since I was told to get there early, and I went on at 7.50 a.m, just in time for the end of the program.
When I got to the station I signed in as instructed by the octogenarian guard, who then told me, “Have a seat. They will call you when they ready.” I asked him, “Do you know whom I am and when I am on?” “Yes,” he said. I decided not to push, since he does this every morning; so I took a seat and looked on at the morning show as it was broadcast.
When I got on air the presenter was friendly enough and we launched into a whirlwind chat about the book. I felt my head spin as she fired question after question. Soon my five minutes of fame were over and I went to my office to start the workday.
When I got to the office it seemed that no-one had seen the interview. The TV in the kitchen was tuned to a foreign newsfeed and no one made any comment about seeing me on TV. On Facebook, most of my network commented that they forgot about the interview – it really is in the middle of drive time. Even my mother said that she was sleeping at the time the interview aired.
I was a bit deflated as I got zip, zero feedback from my world.
Then a long time colleague of mine posted a snapshot of the interview on my time line and another person whom I do not know complimented me on the interview.
Only then did I understand the purpose of going on TV. It’s not for my friends and followers to see me, it is to reach an unknown audience, a new audience that has never heard of me and don’t know that I exist. It is to take my message beyond my sphere of influence into the unknown. It is to highlight and showcase me to different people and open new opportunities. Since my network stayed off the airwaves it means that other people were on.
Tomorrow is the book launch for – Lead Your Team To Win. I am getting more excited as the time draws nearer and the organizers have everything in place. We will see who shows up and what happens then.

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