Book launch completed – Tick

It’s official. The book launch for Lead Your Team To Win happened this evening at the National Library in Port of Spain. It was an event that leaves me extremely pleased and feeling contented and at peace.
The book has now been released, it is no longer mine, it has to find its way in the world and where it will reside. I have surrendered it to an audience and it will find its ground.
I was truly supported by all the people who came and all the people who attended. Right now I want to make comparisons between the launch of the first book and this, I want to compare feelings and the things that I spoke about, but right now I am going to bask in the moment.
This is not time to think. It is time to feel. To feel good, to be elated and to enjoy all the feelings. I am switching the brain off and staying with the feelings. Tomorrow I will analyse it all.
Tonight I am just saying thanks to all who helped make the Book Launch incredible. Thanks Keston Nancoo, Richard Espinet, Dianne Simeon. Leslie Ferrier Attong for being a wonderful MC. The welcoming committee – Kafiya James and Amelia Sudan. Quincy on bar and Judith on food. Deborah Lezama for video and Christopher Culpepper for photos. Melaine Mahabir and Candace Simmons for organising the event. This could not happen without you guys.


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