This week was epic. My book – Lead Your Team To Win – was sent into space at the National Library last Tuesday evening. This was a great event, with a feature speaker that got the audience going. As he spoke some people took notes, others commented that they thought him relevant while a girlfriend thought that he was taking digs at me. The local paparazzi took picture after picture at the book signing. I am hoping that the pictures make the press.
On Wednesday morning I moved into supporting role. For the first time, Trinidad and Tobago joined 140 other countries to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. My girlfriend who is an advocate for women’s entrepreneurship hosted the event. She asked me to moderate the panel discussion which I was happy to do. It was not about the event, since I only understood the magnitude of the occasion when I got there, it was about being able to tangibly support a friend in her world.
That night I went to see the new designs by a top local designer. On Thursday evening, I was out again, socializing at a local design store, as it showcased new collections from its artisans and designers.
I had a lot of fun this week and realized that I have not been socializing much. There are things happening all around me every week and I have not been participating. I have been house bound, not going out, not seeking company to go out and not going out on my own. I have made assumptions about events being boring and stayed at home without testing the waters. I have lacked interest in the things around me and have not been curious to see what’s happening. I have been yearning for some conversation with strange people yet I stay home and keep my mouth shut.
The truth is that I miss being out, I miss socializing, I miss meeting new people. I miss the act of going out, being out, and returning home after having a good time. I did not know that I missed it because I was not doing it, and as I had the flurry of activity this week I realized how badly I missed it.
Time to flip the script. I am going to go out. I am going to leave my house and go somewhere where something is happening. I am going to check the things that I like and show up wherever they are happening. I have worked, and I have done well. Now it’s time for me to have some fun.

When was the last time you had some fun? What are you going to do about it?


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