End 2014 with fun

Another 5 weeks takes us to the end of 2014. As a result, I am in closing off mode. I am seeing what is outstanding and wrapping up hanging threads. At home, renovations have ceased until the New Year while at work, the focus is on bringing projects to fruition.
This year end I am in a celebratory mood. I want to see my friends and meet new people. I want to have conversations and discover who is boring and who is not. I want to have a full calendar of events and come in late at nights.
Last week’s flurry of activity has left my mouth watering for more. Now I know exactly what is missing from my life of achievements, some fun. For the next five weeks, I am resting on my laurels, taking a break, doing what I need to do and having fun.
As I put the thoughts out, my social calendar is fulling up. I go to a dance show on Wednesday, a book reading on Friday and a jazz show on Saturday. Next week there are two events carded and the trend will continue. I am ending 2014 with activity, excitement and fun.
My life has been lopsided. I work at everything, my job, my home, my exercise routine and though I like the things that I do I was not having fun. For the next five weeks I commit to flip this and to have fun with everything that I do and to make time for fun. I am being deliberate about it, because I am not in the habit of thinking fun. I now have to build the word into my vocabulary and think of fun and of having fun. It was something that I used to do and I am wondering how it slipped through my fingers.
I started 2014 in search of JOY. In January 2014, I was plagued by the thought that I functioned joylessly and I challenged myself to embrace this feeling. Now in November 2014, I have cadence with the feeling; it goes hand in hand with the gratitude that I feel.
Now I am ready for some fun, some laughter, some purpose less activity without any objectives, at the end of which nothing will be achieved. I want to experience the Joy that emanates from pointless engagements.
Yes, I am being deliberate about it, I am going to practice having fun for the next five weeks, so that in 2015 I can fully embrace FUN as part of my language, part of my daily expectation and make it part of the fabric of my life. What a fun experiment, what a joyous thing to do. What a great way to end 2015.

What do you do for fun? What joy does it bring you?


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