Flamenco Revival

My soul needed music tonight. I did not know it, but now that I experienced it, I realise it. My heart needed a new rhythm, it’s beat lost its cadence and could not get it back.
My mind needed music tonight, to erase its stinking thinking and change my perspective on power. My mind needed to be rinsed of all the negativity that it absorbed from the week’s events and replace it with something new.
My body needed music tonight, to feel different vibrations that will remould it with resilience and hope.
I listened to a Spanish flamenco trio tonight – Juan Gomez “Chicuelo” on guitar, Isaac Vigueras “El Rubio” on percussions and Carlos Caro on violin. They were accompanied by Joaquin Gomez Contreras (voice) and flamenco dancer Maria del Mar Fuentes.
As the music reached fever pitch I felt the hopelessness of yesterday drain away, there was a clearing in the fog that I spent most of my day in. As Maria stomped her feet and Joaquin trebled his voice my heart quickened and life was renewed. I absorbed the crowd’s energy as it clapped at the end of each song.
As the music played on I reaffirmed what I know to be true. I can only do so much, I will do what I can do. My sphere of influence is this big, I will work within my sphere. In all things I need to take care of myself.
I left the concert relieved, the music washed away all the feelings that I was carrying leaving me renewed.


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